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Food Bank & Community Support

Christmas 2022

Bringing the joy of Christmas where its needed

In 2022 we were honoured to serve the South London Refugee Association by providing hot meals for refugees from various parts of the world. The love of Jesus shone through as everyone, from our lead Pastor, Samuel to the children in Kiddies Church pulled together to serve.

Featherstone Homes were our partners this year and we pray the blessings of the Lord their business and the directors, especially Rowan Stewart who initiated the partnership to be a blessing to the refugee community.

It was a joy to see smiles on the faces of the served and those serving...


We do our bit to support families who might need a little help in the community through our food bank donations. We give out food Parcels to support families and do our best although not always achievable to ensure food parcels contains sufficient nutrition for at least three days worth of healthy, balanced meals for individuals and families.


* Breakfast cereals
* Soup
* Pasta
* Rice
* Pasta sauce
* Tinned beans
* Tinned meat
* Tinned vegetables
* Tinned fruit
* Tea or coffee
* Sugar
* Biscuits
* Snacks

We rely on donations and promise to use them to provide help to people in crisis. If you are planning to make a major food donation, please contact us first as we have very limited storage.

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